System Safety

FAQ on System Safety

In this FAQ on System Safety, I share some lessons that will explain the basics right through to more advanced topics!

The system safety concept calls for a risk management strategy based on identification, analysis of hazards and application of remedial controls using a systems-based approach.

Harold E. Roland; Brian Moriarty (1990). System Safety Engineering and Management.

In ‘Safety Concepts Part 1’, we look at the meaning of the term “safe”. This fundamental topic provides the foundation for all other safety topics, and it’s simple!

In this 45-minute free video, I discuss System Safety Principles, as set out by the US Federal Aviation Authority in their System Safety Handbook

In System Safety Programs, we learn how to Design a System Safety Program for any system in any application.

The Common System Safety Questions

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System safety is a specialty within system engineering that supports program risk management. … The goal of System Safety is to optimize safety by the identification of safety related risks, eliminating or controlling them by design and/or procedures, based on acceptable system safety precedence.

FAA System Safety Handbook, Chapter 3: Principles of System Safety
December 30, 2000

If you don’t find what you want in this FAQ on Risk Management, there are plenty more lessons under Start Here and System Safety Analysis topics. Or just enter ‘system safety’ into the search function at the bottom of any page.

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