Over 20 Years of Experience

Hi, everyone, and welcome to The Safety Artisan, I’m Simon, and I just wanted to share with you briefly why I started this enterprise. I’ve had a career in safety, engineering and safety consulting for over 20 years now. And in that time, I’ve seen customers make one of two mistakes quite often. First of all, I’ve seen customers not do some things that they should have been doing, usually because they just were ignorant of what their legal obligations were.

And I guess that’s a fairly obvious mistake. That’s what you would expect me to say. But more of the time, I’ve seen customers do too much to try and achieve safety, which is maybe more surprising. But I’ve seen people waste an awful lot of time, energy, and money doing things that just didn’t make a difference to safety and sometimes actually got in the way of doing good safety work. And I think the reasons for those mistakes is, first of all, ignorance.

Secondly, not knowing precisely what safety is and therefore not being able to work out how to get there. And that’s why I started the safety artisan, hopefully, to equip people with the knowledge of what safety really is and the tools to get there efficiently. So neither to do too much nor too little. We want Safety, Just Right.

The Safety Artisan

Simon Di Nucci

BEng MSc CEng/MIET CPEng/FIE(Aust)

I have over 20 years of experience in safety engineering and consultancy, working on aircraft, ships, submarines, air-traffic management systems, trains, and software. As an air force officer and a consultant, I’ve served on tiny projects and some of the biggest programs in the world.

I have worked in the UK and Australia, and on several projects I’ve introduced American-made systems to both countries. It has been my privilege to teach safety to hundreds of people in the classroom, and I’ve presented on safety topics at several international conferences. See my full resume/CV here.

This has taught me to be professional, pragmatic, and impartial.

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