Here are some of the courses that you can buy:

Free Triple Bundle

Highlights from one of the Triple Bundle Resources

Free Triple Bundle Resources:

  • Risk Management 101 Course,
  • Preliminary Hazard Identification & Analysis Guide,
  • System Safety Concepts Course,
  • System Safety Principles Course,
  • 23 Lessons / Three hours of downloadable Video, and
  • Resources: slide decks & transcripts.

Five Ways to Identify Hazards – $45 (US)

Introduction to the Bonus Webinar

In this course, learn how to perform Preliminary Hazard Identification. It includes video lessons, examples, and downloadable resources:

  • Introduction,
  • Preliminary Hazard Identification (Task 201 of Mil-Std-882E),
  • Resources – slide decks and transcripts,
  • Bonus Webinar: Five Ways to Identify Hazards, and
  • Full downloadable lesson video.
  • 19 Lessons / Two Hours of Video Content.

Identify and Analyze Functional Hazards – $125 (US)

Introduction to the Bonus Webinar

This course has 11 lessons (2.5 hours of video content) in four major parts:

  • Webinar overview – putting the Tasks together,
  • Preliminary Hazard Identification (Task 201 of Mil-Std-882E),
  • Functional Failure Analysis Theory & Worked Example, and
  • Functional Hazard Analysis (Task 208 of Mil-Std-882E).

Foundations of System Safety – $180 (US)

Introduction to the Webinar

In this course, I pull together the three tasks that lay the foundations of every system safety program.  The contents are:

  • Introduction,
  • Preliminary Hazard Identification (Task 201 of Mil-Std-882E),
  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis (Task 202 of Mil-Std-882E),
  • System Requirements Hazard Analysis (Task 203 of Mil-Std-882E),
  • Safety Analysis Techniques Overview – how to put the Tasks together,
  • 18 Lessons / Four Hours of Video Content, and
  • Downloads, slide decks & transcripts.

Principles of Safe Software – $245 (US)

Just One of the Lessons from Principles of Safe Software.

Software safety can be a daunting subject. Software development is challenging and, as you will see, it is a very risky business. Safety is also an intangible, emergent property: how do we develop safe software? Find out here:

  • Introduction,
  • Software Development Facts,
  • Software Safety Facts,
  • Safe Software Principles,
  • Overview of Software Standards,
  • RTCA DO-178 (ED-12),
  • IEC 61508,
  • ISO 26262,
  • Review of Standards,
  • Lessons Learned,
  • 11 Lessons / 2.5 Hours of Video Content, and
  • Downloads, slide decks & transcripts.

Courses: System Safety Assessment with Mil-Std-882E – $545 (US)

Welcome to the System Safety Assessment Course.

Design a Safety Risk Assessment Program for ANY system in ANY application. This course covers all ten of the analysis tasks from the defense system safety standard Mil-Std-882E.

Whatever it is, you will learn how to tailor your risk assessment, using the analyses you need. You will be able to meet your legal and regulatory requirements. Once you’ve learned how to do this, you can apply it to almost any system.  There are thirteen lessons:

  • Introduction to the Course,
  • The System Safety Process,
  • Tailoring your System Safety Assessment Program,
  • Preliminary Hazard Identification (Task 201),
  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis (Task 202),
  • System Requirements Hazard Analysis (Task 203),
  • Sub-system Hazard Analysis (Task 204),
  • System Hazard Analysis (Task 205),
  • Operating and Support Hazard Analysis (Task 206),
  • Health Hazard Analysis (Task 207),
  • Functional Hazard Analysis (Task 208),
  • System of Systems Hazard Analysis (Task 209), and
  • Environmental Hazard Analysis (Task 210).

You can also get all of the webinars at the Safety Engineering Academy, which gives you access to recorded webinars, a private community of like-minded people, and other resources. There are 51 videos so far, and new ones are being added every month.

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