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Start Here

Start here if you are new to safety! The posts featured on this page introduce basic safety topics, such as definitions and fundamental safety concepts. You can also start here if you know how to do safety in one industry and want to understand how it’s done in another. Similarly, you might be familiar with safety practices in one country but want to know how things are done elsewhere.

Topics: Safety Analysis

In this series of posts, we take you through a suite of safety analysis tasks. They are designed to deal with a complex system, but can be simplified (known as ‘tailoring’). We start with Preliminary Hazard Identification and work through detailed analyses, each with a different point of view of the system.

Topics: Work Health and Safety

Australian Work Health & Safety law, or WHS, addresses both design and workplace, or occupational, safety.  It imposes duties upon designers, manufacturers, and importers of plant, structures, and substances.

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