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The Safety Artisan: Topics

Who is the Safety Artisan?

Why Safety Engineering Training?

The world needs safety engineers – a lot of them. Everything we use needs to be designed, manufactured, supplied, transported, and so on, and we need to do that without causing harm.

So, there’s a lot of need for safety engineering training. Want a (well-paid) career as a safety engineer? Need to do a safety-engineering-related task or project?  Do you need to understand what your team is doing? Maybe you need to ask – or answer – the right questions in an interview.

There’s a lot of need for safety engineering skills, but they are difficult to get because training places are quite limited. Qualifications are expensive and take a long time to acquire.

I hope that by putting these lessons online, you’ll find them helpful. Who am I? Learn more.

It’s about Countering Fear – and Increasing Confidence

I decided to launch this site because I think there is a lot of fear around safety.  People worry about getting it wrong, and therefore sometimes that can result in poor behaviors or poor performance. They shy away from doing anything about safety rather than just doing what they can.

This is a shame because safety is often just structured common sense.

It’s an engineering discipline like any other. Except that we need to involve people other than engineers. We need to involve operators, maintainers, and regulators. We need to involve end-users. So it’s quite a social activity as well, which I’m afraid can be a challenge for some of us engineers!  (I’m as guilty of that as anybody else.) Nevertheless, there’s a lot we can do, and it isn’t as difficult as we think it is.

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