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The Safety Artisan. Pragmatic and impartial training videos on safety from an engineer and consultant with over 20 years of practical experience, who has trained hundreds of students.

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Who is the Safety Artisan?

Hi, I’m Simon Di Nucci, and I have spent more than 20 years as a system safety engineer. I have always sought to share what I have learned with others.

How? As part of the team that taught the official safety engineering courses to all UK Ministry of Defence staff. Then by going on to create bespoke safety courses for several different clients, including the UK Military Aviation Authority. I’ve taught hundreds of people in the classroom, and now I’m teaching safety online, to anyone who wants to do Safety, Just Right.

To do this, I have drawn on my wide and deep experience in safety consulting and engineering. Much of my career has been working for governments or consulting to the public sector on Australian, UK, US, and European programs.

National Engineers Register

I am registered on the Engineers Australia National Engineering Register in the category Professional Engineer. Registrants on the NER have been assessed as competent to practice independently and have demonstrated a commitment to their education, professional development, and ethical practice.

As a recognized practitioner in the field, the Safety Artisan’s training sessions count as Class II Continuous Professional Development (CPD) under the Engineers Australia scheme.

Welcome Message

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to The Safety Artisan, where you will find safety engineering training videos and other resources. I’m Simon, and I’ve been a safety engineer for over 20 years now. I started the safety artisan for a couple of reasons.

The Need for Safety Engineering Training

First of all, there’s a lot of need for safety engineering training out there, whether you want to convert from being another engineer, as I did, into becoming a safety engineer, or whether you just need to do a safety-engineering-related task for a project that you’re running.  Maybe you need to better understand what your team is doing, or you’re trying to recruit some more people. Or maybe you’re just trying to perform better in an interview – whatever it might be.

There’s a lot of need out there for safety engineering expertise, and there’s not a lot of opportunities to get it, because training places are quite limited. For example, I live in Australia and there are few master’s degree courses in safety engineering; they are mainly in occupational health and safety. It can be quite difficult to get that expertise. And I hope that by putting these lessons online, you’ll find them helpful.

Countering Fear – Increasing Confidence

The other reason I want to do this is that there is a lot of fear, I think, about safety, engineering.  You know, people worry about getting it wrong, and therefore sometimes that can result in poor behaviours or poor performance because people just shy away from doing anything at all on safety rather than just doing what they can. This is a shame because very often, safety is just structured common sense. It’s an engineering discipline like any other.

Except that we need to involve people other than engineers. We need to involve operators, maintainers, regulators. We need to involve end-users. So it’s quite a social activity as well, which I’m afraid can be a challenge for some of us engineers!  (I’m as guilty of that as anybody else.) But nevertheless, there’s a lot we can do, and it isn’t as difficult as we think it is.

Your Options

On the ‘Connect’ Page, you will see some options to learn more about The Safety Artisan, either by subscribing to our YouTube Channel for more videos, or to follow us on social media. Or you can go to the ‘Topics’ Page and see the safety subjects about which we offer videos. 

Whatever you choose to do, I hope that you will enjoy what I have to offer and that you will find it helpful.

Cheers, Simon