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Who is The Safety Artisan?

Simon Di Nucci, BEng MSc FIE(Aust)
National Engineering Register, Engineers Australia
My Skills on the National Engineering Register
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Hi, I’m Simon Di Nucci, and I have spent more than 20 years as a system safety engineer. I have always sought to share what I have learned with others.

How? As part of the team that taught the official safety engineering courses to all UK Ministry of Defence staff. Then by going on to create bespoke safety courses for several different clients, including the UK Military Aviation Authority. I’ve taught hundreds of people in the classroom, and now I’m teaching safety online, to anyone who wants to do Safety, Just Right.

To do this, I have drawn on my wide and deep experience in safety consulting and engineering. Much of my career has been working for governments or consulting to the public sector on Australian, UK, US, and European programs.

I am registered on the Engineers Australia National Engineering Register in the category Professional Engineer. Registrants on the NER have been assessed as competent to practice independently and have demonstrated a commitment to their education, professional development, and ethical practice.

As a recognized practitioner in the field, the Safety Artisan’s training sessions count as Class II Continuous Professional Development (CPD) under the Engineers Australia scheme.

See more about my experience on my LinkedIn Profile.

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Testimonials from Students