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Australian Work Health & Safety law, or WHS, addresses both design and workplace, or occupational, safety.  It imposes duties upon designers, manufacturers, and importers of plant, structures and substances.

The WHS legislation has a powerful and elegant approach, and it yields a lot of useful content, whether you are in an Australian jurisdiction or not. It is based on the UK’s approach to health and safety at work, but it has incorporated lessons learned from four decades of experience there.

However, Australia’s federal system complicates the application of our laws. The Safety Artisan will attempt to cut through this complexity and explain the core concepts needed for practical success.

Posts on the Work Health & Safety Act

You can find instructional materials – videos and text – about the WHS Act here:

For full-length instructional videos, please go to The Safety Artisan Page on Patreon.

The Model WHS Act

Australian WHS legislation, as enforced by the Federal Government (“the Commonwealth”), States and Territories, was developed from Model legislation by Safe Work Australia.

You can find useful guidance on The Model WHS Act here.

The BREXIT Special

In 2012 I made the transition from working as a safety engineer in the UK to working in Australia. If you are a Brit thinking of emigrating to Australia, or an Aussie thinking of working in the UK, then you need to see this free 45-minute special episode:

  • The video and key points here; and
  • The full transcript of the video, here.
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