System Safety

System Safety is described in various ways, but here is a good example:

“The system safety concept calls for a risk management strategy based on identification, analysis of hazards and application of remedial controls using a systems-based approach.”

Harold E. Roland; Brian Moriarty (1990). System Safety Engineering and Management. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 0471618160

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There are Civil and Defence Applications

“System safety is a speciality within system engineering that supports program risk management. It is the application of engineering and management principles, criteria and techniques to optimize safety.”

FAA System Safety Handbook, Chapter 3: Principles of System Safety, December 30, 2000

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“System safety is “the application of engineering and management principles, criteria, and techniques to achieve acceptable mishap risk, within the constraints of operational effectiveness and suitability, time, and cost, throughout all phases of the system life cycle.”

Introduction to US MIL-STD-882

The Safety Artisan will be running a series of videos and posts on MIL-STD-882E, the current version of this standard, as follows:

  • The Mil-Std-882E Page is here;
  • A series of posts on Mil-Std-882E is underway.

It’s not just for engineers!

The Safety Artisan won’t get hung up about how things are defined, and I will be passing on good information, no matter where it can be found. 

Traditionally, safety is seen as engineering discipline. However, success requires input from operators, designers, regulators, maintainers, trainers, and others!

I will be posting more about this soon…

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