Mil-Std-882E Appendix A

This is Mil-Std-882E Appendix A.
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A.1 Scope. This Appendix is not a mandatory part of the standard. The information contained herein is intended for guidance only. This Appendix provides guidance on the selection of the optional tasks and use of quantitative probability levels.

A.2. Task Application. The system safety effort described in Section 4 of this Standard can be augmented by identifying specific tasks that may be necessary to ensure that the contractor adequately addresses areas that the Program needs to emphasize. Consideration should be given to the complexity and dollar value of the program and the expected levels of risks involved. Table A-I provides a list of the optional tasks and their applicability to program phases. Once recommendations for task applications have been determined, tasks can be prioritized and a “rough order of magnitude” estimate should be created for the time and effort required to complete each task. This information will be of considerable value in selecting the tasks that can be accomplished within schedule and funding constraints.

TABLE A-I. Task application matrix

A.3. Quantitative Probability Example. For quantitative descriptions, the frequency is the actual or expected number of mishaps (numerator) during a specified exposure (denominator). The denominator can be based on such things as the life of one item; number of missile firings, flight hours, systems fielded, or miles driven; years of service, etc.

TABLE A-II. Example probability levels

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