System Safety Concepts and Principles: Free

In ‘System Safety Concepts and Principles’, we bring together video lessons and resources that explain these topics. Let’s look at the fundamental building blocks of System Safety.

Safety Concepts Part 1

In ‘Safety Concepts Part 1’, we look at the meaning of the term “safe”. We look at an objective definition of safe – objective because it can be demonstrated to have been met.

This fundamental topic provides the foundation for all other safety topics, and it isn’t complex. The basics are simple, but they need to be thoroughly understood and practiced consistently to achieve success.

System Safety Concepts, Part 1: Highlights

Safety Concepts Part 1: Topics

  • A practical (useful) definition of ‘safe’:
    • What is a risk?
    • What is risk reduction?
    • What are safety requirements?
  • Scope:
    • What is the system?
    • What is the application (function)?
    • What is the (operating) environment?

System Safety Concepts Part 2

In this 33-minute session, Safety Concepts Part 2, we equip you with more Safety Concepts. We look at the basic concepts of safety, risk, and hazard in order to understand how to assess and manage them.

Exploring these fundamental topics provides the foundations for all other safety topics, but it doesn’t have to be complex. The basics are simple, but they need to be thoroughly understood and practiced consistently to achieve success. This video explains the issues and discusses how to achieve that success.

Introduction to Safety Concepts, Part 2.

Safety Concepts Part 2: Topics

  • Risk & Harm;
  • Accident & Accident Sequence;
  • (Cause), Hazard, Consequence & Mitigation;
  • Requirements / Essence of System Safety;
  • Hazard Identification & Analysis;
  • Risk Reduction / Estimation;
  • Risk Evaluation & Acceptance;
  • Risk Management & Safety Management; and
  • Safety Case & Report.

System Safety Principles

In this 45-minute video, I discuss System Safety Principles, as set out by the US Federal Aviation Authority in their System Safety Handbook. Although this was published in 2000, the principles still hold good (mostly) and are worth discussing. I comment on those topics where the modern practice has moved on, and those jurisdictions where the US approach does not sit well.

Looking at One of the FAA System Safety Principles

System Safety Principles: Topics

  • Foundational statement
  • Planning
  • Management Authority
  • Safety Precedence
  • Safety Requirements
  • System Analyses Assumptions & Criteria
  • Emphasis & Results
  • MA Responsibilities
  • Software hazard analysis
  • An Effective System Safety Program

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