Risk Management 101: Free

This is Risk Management 101: Free, a free and easy introduction to this complex subject!

Introduction to Risk Management 101

Risk Management 101: What You Will Learn

  • Fundamental Risk Management terms and concepts:
  • What is Risk Management?
  • How do we Identify Hazards?
  • What is Hazard Analysis?
  • What is Risk Evaluation?
  • Risk (and ALARP/SFARP) Evaluation
  • How do we Reduce Risk?
  • What is Risk Acceptance?
  • Bonus Topic: What is Risk Assessment?

Risk Management 101: Course Description

Welcome to Risk Management 101, where we’re going to go through these basic concepts of risk management. We’re going to break it down into the constituent parts and then we’re going to build it up again and show you how it’s done. I’ve been involved in risk management, project risk management, safety risk management, etc., for a long, long time. I hope that I can put my experience to good use, helping you in whatever you want to do with this information.

Maybe you’re getting an interview. Maybe you want to learn some basics and decide whether you want to know more about risk management or not. Whatever it might be, I think you’ll find this short session really useful. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching.

Risk Management is “The systematic application of management policies, procedures and practices to the tasks of Hazard IdentificationHazard AnalysisRisk EstimationRisk and ALARP EvaluationRisk Reduction, and Risk Acceptance.”

Who this course is for:

  • This is an introduction to the subject – there are no entry criteria.
  • It’s for Students, Engineers, and Managers looking for a basic appreciation of Risk Management.

Risk Management 101: Reviews

As of January 2023, almost 1,400 students have signed up for this course. Of them, 88 have left reviews, with 72% giving it four or five out of five stars!

  • “Very thorough and informative” ***** Skye S;
  • “Straight to the point. adds a lot of value” ***** Thembi;
  • “Very good basic course on risk management” ***** Subrahmanyam V;
  • “This was a good match to introduce and reinforce concepts that are needed to understand the overall concepts of Risk Management” ***** Thalia S; and
  • “excellent information packed into presentation” ***** Gireesh.

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