Principles of Safe Software

This course is on the Principles of Safe Software.

Software safety can be a daunting subject. Software development is challenging and, as we will see, it is a very risky business. Safety is also intangible, and people are nervous about it.

You may look at this subject and wonder: how could I possibly get into software safety? How do you develop safe software? I don’t even know where to begin … but it need not be so!

Principles of Safe Software: Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate why normal SW development ≠ safe software;
  • Understand how SW really causes harm;
  • Understand and apply generic SW safety standards;
  • List the 4+1 Principles & Understand each one of them;
  • Apply the 4+1 Principles with examples, in isolation and together;
  • Evaluate specific SW standards using the 4+1 Principles;
  • Understand the limitations of standards and compensate for them; and
  • Combine SW standards and other techniques to guard against real-world SW failures.

Principles of Safe Software: Lessons

  1. Software Development Facts;
  2. Software Safety Facts;
  3. Safe Software Principles;
  4. Overview of Safe Software Standards;
  5. Safe Software 4+1 Principles (with examples);
  6. Standards DO-178C, IEC 61508 & ISO 26262;
  7. Review of Standards; and
  8. Lessons Learned.

Please note that this is NOT a course about coding!

Learn safety from an industry professional with 25+ years of experience:

  • SW Engineering professional since 1994;
  • System Safety Engineering professional since 1996;
  • Domains: aviation (fast jets, ISREW & helicopters), ships, submarines, ICT, ATM, rail & road vehicles;
  • Programs: UK, US, European & Australian;
  • Roles: customer, supplier, consultant, DevOps & ILS; and
  • Current system safety lead, practitioner, trainer & Mentor.

The Safety Artisan provides professional, pragmatic, and impartial information about safety engineering. Whether you want to know how it’s done or actually how to do it, you will find help here.

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