Foundations of Safety Assessment with Mil-Std-882E

In ‘Foundations of Safety Assessment with Mil-Std-882E’, you get four full-length lessons at a discount price. You get all three Preliminary Hazard Identification & Analysis (PHIA) teaching videos:

  • Preliminary Hazard Identification;
  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis; and
  • System Requirements Hazard Analysis.

You also get ‘Safety Assessment Techniques Overview’. This lesson explains how to work the three PHIA Tasks together.

Preliminary Hazard Identification

In this video, we find out how to create a Preliminary Hazard List, the first step in safety assessment.  We look at three classic complementary techniques to identify hazards and their pros and cons.  This includes all the content from Task 201, and also practical insights from my 25 years of experience with Mil-Std-882.

Preliminary Hazard Analysis

In this 45-minute session, The Safety Artisan looks at Preliminary Hazard Analysis, or PHA, which is Task 202 in Mil-Std-882E. We explore Task 202’s aim, description, scope, and contracting requirements. We also provide value-adding commentary and explain the issues with PHA – how to do it well and avoid the pitfalls.

System Requirements Hazard Analysis

In this 45-minute session, The Safety Artisan looks at Safety Requirements Hazard Analysis, or SRHA, which is Task 203 in the Mil-Std-882E standard. We explore Task 203’s aim, description, scope, and contracting requirements. SRHA is an important and complex task, which needs to be done on several levels to be successful. This video explains the issues and discusses how to perform SRHA well.

Safety Assessment Techniques Overview

We will look at how different analysis techniques can be woven together. How does one analysis feed into another? What do we need to get sufficient coverage to be confident that we’ve done enough?

‘Foundations of Safety Assessment’ – Discount

As well as the four lessons you get the video and slides from my webinar, ‘Foundations of System Safety’!

These lessons sell for $45 (US) each, but you can get this bundle at a discount – just click on the buy button to discover your discount!

You can also get all three videos as part of a larger 12+1 video bundle right here.