The Complete System Safety Analysis Bundle

This ‘Complete System Safety Analysis Bundle’ includes all you need to learn System Safety Analysis according to Mil-Std-882E.  It includes twelve full-length videos (40 to 60 minutes each), as follows:

  • System Safety Process;
  • Tailoring your System Safety Analyses for any program;
  • Preliminary Hazard Identification (Task 201);
  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis (Task 202);
  • Safety Requirements Hazard Analysis (Task 203);
  • Sub-System Hazard Analysis (Task 204);
  • System Hazard Analysis (Task 205);
  • Operating & Support Hazard Analysis (Task 206);
  • Health Hazard Analysis (Task 207);
  • Functional Hazard Analysis (Task 208);
  • System-of-Systems Hazard Analysis (Task 209); and
  • Environmental Hazard Analysis (Task 210);
System Safety Process

This full-length (50 minutes) session will enable you to: Know the system safety process in accordance with Mil-Std-882E; List and order the Eight elements; Understand how they are applied; Skilfully apply system safety using realistic processes; and Feel more confident dealing with multiple standards.

In System Safety Process, we look a the general requirements of Mil-Std-882E. We cover the Applicability of Mil-Std-882E tasks, the General requirements, the Process with eight elements, and the Application of the process theory to the real world.

Tailoring your System Safety Analyses for any Program

At the end of the course, you will also be able to do things that you might not have been able to do before. You will be able to take the elements of a risk analysis program and the different tasks. You will be able to select the right tasks and form a program to suit your application, whatever it might be. You might have a full, high-risk bespoke development system. You might be taking a commercial system off the shelf and doing something new with it. You might be taking a product and using it in a new application or a new location.

Whatever it might be, you will learn how to tailor your risk analysis program. This program will give you the analyses you need. And to meet your legal and regulatory requirements. Once you’ve learned how to do this, you can apply it to almost any system.

The Complete System Safety Analysis Bundle of 12 videos would normally cost $540 (US), but you can buy this bundle for $395 (US).  And it’s tax-free!