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In this FREE course, ‘CISSP 2021: What’s New?’, I look at the significant changes to the CISSP Official Exam Outline (the course syllabus). (The purchase button is at the bottom of this page.)

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn what’s new in the CISSP Curriculum, from May 1st, 2021 (next update in 2024)
  • There are still Eight Domains – D1, D3 & D7 are still broader in content than others.
  • Very small changes (+/-1%) to the weighting of two domains.
  • Notable changes to all domains, except D1.
  • As of late 2019, some of the changes were Already in Official Course (AOC), i.e. the Student (course) Guide; Study Guide; and Official Practice Tests.
  • D2: Resource types and data activities listed (AOC);
  • D3: Fourteen designs/solutions listed (50% AOC); and thirteen cryptanalytic attacks listed (some AOC);
  • D4: Lists several new network architectures;
  • D5: Additions to all existing sub-domains & new 5.6 on authentications systems;
  • D6: More detail on security test output and reporting;
  • D7: Minor changes to 6/15 sub-domains; and
  • D8: More detail added to all sub-domains.

Video Preview of the Course

Who is this Course for?

Students who want to become Certified Information Systems Security Professionals.

Are there any Course Requirements or Prerequisites?

I designed this course to help students prepare for the current (2021-2024) version of the CISSP Exam. It does not replace the official CISSP publications, but it will help you get the best out of them.

CISSP 2021: What’s New?

This course describes the changes to the Certified Information Systems Security Professional Exam Outline. Now, CISSP has been around for quite some time and the previous version of the course syllabus was established in April 2018. 

That was the version that I was taught, but in 2021 the Exam Outline changed significantly.  In this course, I’m going to go through all of that material for you and show you what has changed, in detail, to help you with your revision.

What do You Get?

  • Seven full-length downloadable videos to watch at your leisure;
  • All 116 slides in a .pdf document; and
  • See also ‘My CISSP Exam Journey‘, which is also free.

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