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Safety Engineering Academy Webinars

Safety Engineering Academy Webinars are on vital topics. I run them live every month, and you can get them all at the Safety Engineering Academy here.

They draw on my practical experience of these tools and techniques, from my 25-year-plus career. I have personally used all of these techniques, and I have seen them used on multiple programs in different industries and countries.

In these webinars, I provide not only theory but also pragmatic tips. I include the slides, as well as videos and sometimes templates and other aids. I hope that you find these packages helpful.

Next Webinar: HAZOP & SHARD

Welcome to my Webinar: HAZOP & SHARD! Join me online for an informative session on these crucial topics. I will delve into Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) and Software Hazard Analysis and Resolution in Design (SHARD). Gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to enhance your understanding of these essential concepts. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your expertise from the comfort of your own home. Register now to secure your spot!

There will be tickets for the webinar on Eventbrite.

The webinar will be at a NEW TIME of 15:30 p.m. (ACST) on Thursday, April 25th, 2024.

Webinar Series: Tools to Get the Job Done

A new series of webinars started in November. They will cover the most sought-after safety tools and techniques – and explain how to do them! Here they are:

  • HAZOP – Apr 24;
  • Event Trees – May 24;
  • Claim Argument Evidence & GSN – Jun 24; and
  • Fault Trees – Jul 24.

Previous Webinars

Past webinars are listed below. Again, they are always available in the Safety Engineering Academy on Thinkific.

Safety Audits

What is a Safety Audit?  When and why do you use them? Which practices are recommended or to be avoided? Who can be an auditor? Independent Safety Audit, Assessment, and Advice are commonly confused terms: what are the differences between them?  This webinar will cover all that – and more!

Safety Audit Process – Webinar Highlights

Causal Analysis

As well as answering FAQs, I will be talking about how we put causal analyses together. Webinar contents:

  • Cause Analysis:
    • Eight popular Tools/Techniques/Methods;
    • With (sometimes cynical) commentary; and
    • Resources.
  • Q&A Session; and
  • A Deeper Dive into Data for Causal Analysis.

Risk Registers & Hazard Logs

I’ve shared some content on this subject before (here and here), but in this webinar, I’m going to add to it substantially. As well as answering FAQs, I will be describing ‘full-function’ hazard logs, as provided by purpose-built databases (as opposed to mere Excel spreadsheets).

Risk Matrices

Highlights from the Risk Matrices Webinar

Learn how to use them properly! I covered a lot of content:

  • The most common questions;
  • What you do/don’t need a Risk Matrix for (and why); and
  • Problems with Risk Matrices and how to fix them!

Get the recordings here.

Failure Modes Effects Analysis

Get the free slides and FMEA template here.

Five Ways to Identify Hazards

Links to lesson discounts, and other resources:

  • The associated lesson (inc. this webinar & more) is here;
  • Free PHIA Guide here; and
  • Free email subscription with more discounts here.

Foundations of Safety Assessment

In this webinar ‘Foundations of Safety Assessment’, I look at Mil-Std-882E, Tasks 201, 202, and 203. The associated lesson (inc. this webinar & much more) is here.

Identify & Analyze Functional Hazards

In this webinar ‘Identify & Analyze Functional Hazards’, I look at Mil-Std-882E, Tasks 201 and 208. The associated lesson (inc. this webinar & much more) is here.

Workplace Hazard Analysis

Workplace Hazard Analysis (Mil-Std-882E, Tasks 206/207) Let’s look at How to implement common workplace Hazard Analysis Tasks.

System Safety in Systems Engineering

Hazard Analysis in Systems Engineering (Mil-Std-882E, Tasks 204, 205 & 209). How do we conduct Hazard Analysis in a Systems Engineering framework?

Meet the Author

My name’s Simon Di Nucci. I’m a practicing system safety engineer, and I have been, for the last 25 years; I’ve worked in all kinds of domains, aircraft, ships, submarines, sensors, and command and control systems, and some work on rail air traffic management systems, and lots of software safety. So, I’ve done a lot of different things!

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