Dear Friends and Colleagues

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I have started my own business, making online safety training videos, and I need your advice.

As many of you know, I’ve been a safety engineer for many years. That’s how many of us met. I enjoy the work and helping clients to achieve good solutions, but working for the public and private sectors has its frustrations.  Money, politics, and sometimes oversized egos often manage to get in the way! I suspect that I am not alone in this experience.

So, I’ve decided to provide training on system safety and related topics online. Using the internet allows me to reach anyone, anywhere efficiently. Interested individuals can connect to quality training at their convenience while keeping the price affordable.  No corporations, no contracts, no middle management. Users can access training anonymously if they wish, so nobody needs to be embarrassed about what they don’t – yet – know.

I am posting resources here on my website, and I would appreciate your honest feedback on what you find there.  

Friends and Colleagues: What do you wish you had learned a bit earlier in your career? What would have helped you, your employer, your clients? What would help your less experienced colleagues?

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2 replies on “Dear Friends and Colleagues”

Hey Simon,
I’m happy to give you my thoughts once I’ve got them together. So if I haven’t responded in the next 2 weeks feel free to badger me.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for responding! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts, mate.

Best Regards, Simon

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