Welcome to the Safety Artisan!

Welcome to the Safety Artisan where you will find professional, pragmatic and impartial safety resources.

Welcome to the Safety Artisan with Simon Di Nucci.

Welcome, Everyone!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the safety artisan, a series of instructional videos on safety. I’m Simon and I’m a safety engineer and consultant with over 20 years experience working in systems safety, safety engineering, safety in design and a whole bunch of related disciplines including software safety. I’ve got a lot of background in this area, and I hope that you’ll be able to support this enterprise. The tagline for the business is professional pragmatic and impartial. But what does that really mean? Well, in my time as a safety engineer and consultant I’ve worked with lots of clients doing many different things:

Aerospace, air traffic management, software, ships and submarines, other transport systems, etc. I often find that clients are making two kinds of mistake. They’re either not doing enough work to meet their obligations, or they’re doing too much work. The first one is perhaps obvious, as safety standards and safety legislation are very demanding. People aren’t always aware of what their obligations are, and therefore they’re not always meeting them. But when you’re a consultant and, it must be said, demanding a lot of money from clients to do this work, I think the suspicion is sometimes that the consultant is just asking to do more work to get more money.

Now, that’s not actually what ethical consultants

do, but I’m sure not everyone believes that. So, here, I hope to get away from that paradigm, and we can actually share information just because it’s factual. Accepting what I say doesn’t mean that I’ll take any more money off you and you can check out what you see and decide whether you like it. The other issue is perhaps less obvious: people do too much work. But the reality is there are people all over the place doing safety work that just doesn’t make a difference – i.e. it doesn’t demonstrate that you’ve met requirements or that risk is managed.

And that’s also a difficult sell because questioning what the tribe is doing, questioning the culture of the organization is difficult and frankly risky for individuals. So they don’t want to do it. So again, here in the privacy of a video, it’s just you and me. I can tell you stuff, you can give me feedback on the website or at Patreon.com. You can ask questions and hopefully, we can get to a better understanding of the facts, without worrying about sums of money changing hands or convincing your peers that change is necessary.

So I hope you find this helpful and I hope you’re able to support me at Patreon: that’s ‘Safety Artisan’ on Patreon.com, and also the supporting Web site. www.SafetyArtisan.com. You can always look me up on LinkedIn and check out my experience and qualifications. Thanks very much for listening and I look forward to talking to you again.

Best Regards, Simon

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Author: Simon Di Nucci

Hi everyone, I'm Simon and I have been a system safety engineer for over twenty years. For my full bio, please see my LinkedIn page.

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